– 1 1/5 as improper fraction

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– 1 1/5 as improper fraction


The given  – 1 1/5 expressed as improper fraction can be written as – ?f=%5Cfrac%7B6%7D%7B5%7D

  • An improper fraction can be regarded as fraction whereby, the numerator is greater compare to the denominator.
  • The numerator can regarded as the number that is on top, The denominator  can regarded as the number that is at down.

we were given ?f=%5Cfrac%7B1%7D%7B5%7D-1 /5 so to express this as improper fraction, we multiply the whole number with the denominator then add to the numerator then we have

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?f=%5Cfrac%7B 6%7D%7B5%7D

Therefore, the improper fraction of the given figure is ?f=%5Cfrac%7B 6%7D%7B5%7D

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