2. The purpose of loaded words in advertisements is to

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2. The purpose of loaded words in advertisements is to

A. illustrate bias.
B. compare two unlike things.
C. create an image.
D. influence the reader.


The option D is correct. The purpose of loaded words in advertisements is to influence the leader.  

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Further Explanation:

The company advertises its product by using loaded words. The purpose of advertising the product is to influence the reader. If the advertisement attracts the reader the sale for that product will increase. When the sale is increasing, the profit of the company is automatically increased.  


Justification for the correct and incorrect answer:


Illustrates bias: This option is incorrect.  

If the advertisement illustrates bias, then the reader will not attract to the advertisement. The sale is not increased.  


Compare two unlike things: This option is incorrect.  

If the advertisement compares two, unlike things. Then there is no point in comparing two, unlike things. This option is not correct.  

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Create an image: This option is incorrect.

The image of the product is not made by using loaded words. The image is created with the help of the product image.  


Influence the reader: This option is correct.

This is the correct option by using the advertisement, the company may attract the reader. If the reader attracts towards the advertisement, the sale of the company will increase.  

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Answer details:

Grade: Middle School

Subject: Marketing

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Chapter: Advertisement


advertisement, loaded words, illustrates bias, compare two unlike things, create an image, influence the leader, sale, profit, attracts the reader the sale for that product,

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