6. What effect do the villains have on Frank?osmosis Jones​

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6. What effect do the villains have on Frank?osmosis Jones​


Throughout the movie “Osmosis Jones“, we can see Ozzy and Drix take on a variety of villains, and as this movie is set within the human body of Frank, we can confirm that the villains represent harmful bacteria and viruses that cause sickness.

In the movie “Osmosis Jones“, we follow the efforts of a white blood cell by the name of Ozzy, and his medical partner Drix, as they attempt to combat the foreign bodies within a boy named frank.

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Ozzy and Drix spend the movie fighting off the bacteria and viruses that enter the body. The villains in the movie represent these bacteria which are looking to multiply and thus cause infections, as well as viruses which will cause other illness to Frank.

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