A HIPAA authorization has which of the following characteristics:

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A HIPAA authorization has which of the following characteristics:

A. Cannot be revoked by the data subject.
B. Cannot be combined with any other document related to the research.
C. Uses “plain language” that the data subject can understand, similar to the requirement for an informed consent document.
D. Is provided at the investigator’s discretion.


Answer: Option (C) is correct.


An Authorization is considered as an individual’s ratified permission which further allows a entity to utilize or disclose individual’s health information which is described in detail in Authorization. The Authorization has the following characteristics:

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1.) It must jotted down in simple language.

2.) Signed copy of Authorization is provided to individual signing it in case if entity covered is seeking Authorization.

3.) Authorization is not considered valid until and unless it contains the required statements and elements .

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