An author’s purpose in using rhetoric is to

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An author’s purpose in using rhetoric is to

A. present facts as they really are.
B. separate realism from idealism.
C. provide hints as to what’s going to happen.
D. create a certain effect for the reader.


An author’s purpose in using rhetoric is to create a certain effect for the reader.

Rhetoric refers to the use of the figure of speech and other techniques through persuasive and effective writings. The use of the figure of speech helps the author to connect with the reader and vice- versa. It helps in the better understanding and feeling of the story-line.

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Some of the examples of rhetorical devices are:

  • Alliteration (repetition of initial consonant sound)
  • Simile (comparison of one object with another, not literal)
  • Onomatopoeia (imitation of the word described.)
  • Hyperbole (exaggeration of words), and so on.

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