But we hesitate in this country, thinking that compulsory

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But we hesitate in this country, thinking that compulsoryvoting seems somehow un-American (Galston), we enjoy
our freedom, including the freedom not to vote (Ornstein).
Voting is deemed a civic right rather than a duty. However,
our society does impose obligations on citizens when the
success of our nation is at stake. Two examples are jury
service and paying taxes.
In this passage from “Compulsory Voting: An Idea Whose Time Has Come.”
what claim is being made by the author?
A. Jury duty is boring but an important service to the country.
B. Forcing someone to vote is considered to be un-American.
C. U.S. citizens already have compulsory obligations to their country.
D. The country could not function without money from taxes.


The claim is being made by the author is as U.S. citizens already have compulsory obligations to their country.

What was message of author in poem?

An examination question is the take-off point for any exploration. It expresses the inquiry that the exploration endeavors to settle and fills in as direction for your examination.

In this model, the examination brought about a conversation of other necessary obligations that the public authority anticipates from residents.

The passage is making sense of that there are now two necessary obligations jury administration and settling charges) and why it is obligatory. This is to persuade the peruser why casting a ballot ought to be obligatory.

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