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1. What is the central idea of the passage?
a. Many teens use social media to creative positive social change.
b. While social media was used for cyberbullying in the past, teens are mainly using it in positive ways today.
c. While there are some positive uses for social media, it is mostly used in instances of cyberbullying.
d. There are really only positive uses for social media today.
2. Which statement captures the author’s point of view in the passage?
a. Teens using social media in positive ways do not get enough attention.
b. There are only positive uses of social media.
c. There are only negative uses of social media.
d. Teens shouldn’t be discouraged from engaging with social media.
3. What is the author’s purpose in the passage?
a. to highlight for adults the positive impact teens have had on the world through social media
b. to discourage parents from allowing their young teens from creating social media accounts
c. to question if teens can reform the image of social media by using it to support each other
d. to encourage adults to support young teens to use social media in more positive ways
4. Which detail form the section “Teen motivates people of all ages to identify their passion and take action” (paragraphs 10 -13) help readers understand the concept of “kind raising”?
a. “compassion, empathy, and kindness play a huge part in reaching our goal” (Paragraph 13)
b. “Hannah’s passion for speaking out about important causes started early on with her love of animals” (Paragraph 11)
c. “Hannah, now 13, has not only built a huge following for her blog but gained influence through public speaking and much more (Paragraph 12)
d. “has expanded to also include anti-bullying efforts and celebrating other young role models” (Paragraph 12)

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1. The theme or central idea of “TEENS USING SOCIAL MEDIA FOR GOOD DEEDS” by Smart Social is a. Many teens use social media to create positive social change.

2. The author’s point of view (POV) is captured by a. Teens using social media

3. The author’s purpose in the passage is d. to encourage adults …

4. The detail from the section is a. “compassion, empathy, and kindness …

Thus, there are creative ways teens can use social media for good.

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