Compare and contrast the physical descriptions of David and Goliath

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Compare and contrast the physical descriptions of David and Goliath


Goliath, according to the biblical account, was a giant soldier from the city of Gath and champion of the Philistine army, who besieged the armies of Israel for forty days. Goliath was extraordinarily high for the average even by today’s standards. The writings cipher his height in six elbows and one span (2.9 m). His copper mail coat weighed 5,000 shekels (57 kg), and the iron blade of his spear was 600 shekels (6.8 kg). He was one of the Refaim, and he may have been a mercenary soldier in the Philistine army. It is necessary to note that the height described in the Bible about Goliath is approximately 2.90 meters.

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In the Bible David is considered a just, brave, passionate king; warrior, musician and poet, not exempt from sins. According to the Bible, he was chosen by God in person to govern Israel. The Bible does not specify a description of David’s physique, but if he is described as the youngest of a group of brothers, he was a pastor and when it came to fighting Goliath, he was so small that the king’s armor slid down his body .

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