Consider the graph of the linear equation 2x-5y=10.

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Consider the graph of the linear equation 2x-5y=10.

The x-intercept is .
The y-intercept is .. .
The slope is…



Slope-intercept form:

The equation of line is given by:



m is the slope and b is the y-intercept

Given the linear equation:

?f=2x 5y%3D10          …..[2]

Subtract 2x from both sides we have;

?f= 5y%20%3D%20

Divide by -5 to both sides we have;

?f=y%20%3D%20%5Cfrac%7B2%7D%7B5%7Dx 2  

On comparing with [1] we have;

Slope(m) = ?f=%5Cfrac%7B2%7D%7B5%7D

y-intercept(b) = -2

To find x-intercept:

Substitute y = 0  in [2] and solve for x:

?f=2x 5(0)%3D10

⇒2x = 10

Divide both sides by 2 we have;

x = 5

x-intercept = 5


The x-intercept is 5

The y-intercept is -2

The slope is ?f=%5Cfrac%7B2%7D%7B5%7D

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