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Identify the element below and give the symbols of the other elements in its group. [ar]4s23d104p4 element symbol:


The element with the 34 atomic number belonging to group 16 is Selenium (Se).

To identify the element from the given electronic configuration, the atomic number has to be elucidated.

The atomic number of Argon is 18.

The electronic configuration has been:


The number of electrons in addition to arogon electrons are:

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= 18 + 2 + 10 + 4

= 34

The electronic configuration elucidates that the element has the last electron in the 4p orbital, thus belonging to group 16.

The element with the 34 atomic number belonging to group 16 is Selenium (Se).

For more information about the elements in the periodic table, refer to the link:

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