Degreasers can be broken down into two main categories

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Degreasers can be broken down into two main categories


Depending on the application, degreasers can be categorized as follows;

Industrial applications:

1) Water based degreasers

2) Solvent based degreasers

Screen printing applications

1) Wetting agent

2) Without wetting agent

The reason why the above categories of degreasers are correct is as follows:

The two main categories of degreasers for screen printing are:

1) Degreasers with wetting agent: One that allows the screen to hold a sheet of water across the screen mesh

2) Degreasers without wetting agent: Degreasers without wetting agent are meant to remove dirt

The two main categories of industrial degreasers are;

1) Water based degreasers are degreasers that use water as the base thereby making them non-flammable and more environmentally friendly compared to the chemical solvent based degreasers

A layer is left on the wastewater top that can be skimmed off after using the degreasers to remove grease and grime

2) Solvent based degreasers can be either flammable or nonflammable and make use of chemicals that dissolve grease from the surface during heavy duty cleaning.

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