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Help please ASAP!!What internal conflicts do the characters face in The Glass Menagerie? How do these conflicts result in the overall tension that exists in the Wingfield family? Describe how Tom, Laura, and Amanda cope with their conflicts and how their conflicts connect to the play’s theme of reality versus illusion.


Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie is a character-driven play that follows Tom’s remembrance of his troubled family.

What are the internal conflicts?

One of the characters’ internal tensions is that Tom is limited to the horrors of his family’s life, Laura has a separate world that she claims she does not share in reality, and Amanda is a spoiled woman with unrealistic dreams.

What was the overall tension in the Wingfield family?

These disputes eventually have an impact on the lives of the characters, leading to the conclusion that they are unable to accept the reality that has been imposed on them. They purposefully sidestep their problem by implementing a solution that appears to have resulted in the creation of a new one.

How did Tom, Laura, and Amanda cope with their conflicts?

Tom adores Laura but has a strained relationship with his mother. Laura despises Tom and their mother’s arguing, yet she adores them.

Tom’s mother nags him, but it’s out of love for him and concern for his safety. Laura has mental and physical difficulties in the actual world, but she performs normally in her fantasy world.

Laura is similar to her glass creatures, which helps Tom and Laura get along.

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