Hitler can be described as a fanatical despot because he

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Hitler can be described as a fanatical despot because he

was supported by millions of young people.
enjoyed giving lengthy and compelling speeches.
was determined to improve his country.
worshiped force and despised persuasion.


Hitler can be described as a fanatical despot because heworshiped force and despised persuasion.

Further Explanation:

Adolf Hitler was a politician of the Nazi party born on 20th April 1889.He gained his power as the chancellor of Germany. He ruled as a dictator of Germany from 1933 and 1945. He was the one who triggered the Second World War by attacking Poland on 1st September 1939.He always laid emphasis on the military operation that shows that he worshiped force and despised persuasion. His ideologies were always considered evil. His evil intentions can seem in the annexation of Austria that he did without any physical battle.

The conquest of Austria into Nazi Germany was done on 12th March 1938, which is also termed as “Anschluss” which means to join. Before the annexation, there was strong support from the citizens of all backgrounds for the coalition of both the nations. Hitler demanded a new chancellor to be appointed who should belong from the Nazi party of Austria to his cabinet and if he denies this then Austria may have to face military invasion from Germany. When the Austrian Chancellor denied, Hitler ordered military invasion from Austria but to avoid bloodshed, the Austrian chancellor resigned and Hitler established his dictatorship in Austria.

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Keywords: Hitler, Germany, Invasion, Resign, Bloodshed, Austria, Annexation, Nazi, ideology, Chancellor, Interfere, chancellor of Germany, Second World War, Poland

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