How are meiosis and mitosis different apex?

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How are meiosis and mitosis different apex?


Both meiosis and mitosis refer to the procedure of cell division. They utilize the similar steps for cell differentiation, like prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase.  

However, mitosis is the procedure that takes part in asexual reproduction, while meiosis takes part in sexual reproduction. The higher forms of life, like animals and humans go through the process of meiosis, and the resulting offspring are genetically distinct in the case of meiosis, while the offspring is similar in case of mitosis.  

Meiosis involves two steps of differentiation, in comparison to the solitary phase in mitosis. During the process of meiosis, the amount of chromosomes is minimized to half, on the other hand, in mitosis, they remain the same. Lastly, the process of mitosis generates two diploid cells, while in meiosis 4 haploid cells are generated.  

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