How did the G.I bill affect colleges?

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How did the G.I bill affect colleges?

A. It increased demand for teachers
B. It increased demand for support workers on campuses.
C. It increased demand for construction on campuses
D. All of the above


The correct answer is D. All of the above

Indeed, the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944 or G.I. Bill was passed by the Roosevelt administration in order to make sure that the returning service men would not face the same injustices and hardships WWI veterans had suffered when they returned from the conflict.

Some of its most famous benefits include financial assistance for educational purposes including tuition, vocational training, and living expenses during such education/training. About 8 million WWII veterans took advantage of this program to successfully enroll and complete education of training and over two million used these benefits to get a high school or university education.

Logically, the return of 11 million young service men that could apply for the financial assistance of the G.I. Bill would mean that a lot more teachers would be needed to educate those masses of returning soldiers. Those millions of new students would require a whole range of support services in order to adjust to civilian student life. Several new housing facilities would be required for colleges to be able to properly house all those new students. This definitely stimulated an economic bonanza and many for-profit fraudulent universities and colleges appeared out of thin air to take advantage of such benefits and grants.

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