How do environmental scientists use technology to track gray wolves?

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How do environmental scientists use technology to track gray wolves?

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A. They use gel electrophoresis to analyze wolf DNA.
B. They use biostimulation to promote wolf movement.
C. They use acoustics to identify wolves by their howls.
D. They use unmanned aerial systems to photograph wolves.


The correct answer is option C

Wolves generally do not like being close to human beings but their acoustics can be used to identify the pressence of wolves as howling is a natural process in wolves. The wolves call to a signal when they occupy a territory. When researchers walk they howls at every point and another researcher waits for the sound of the wolves and records it with the help of a microphone, if there is response then they announce their pressence or defending territory. If any response is elicited then the researchers move close to the sound as possible.

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