In the diagram, figure ABCD is a transformation of figure PMNO.

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In the diagram, figure ABCD is a transformation of figure PMNO.

Name the segment which is congruent to BC.



The trapezoid ABCD is rotated by some angle about some point to form the trapezoid PMNO.

Basic Properties of Rotations:

1. A rotation maps a line to a line, a ray to a ray, a segment to a segment, and an angle to an angle.

2. A rotation preserves lengths of segments.

3. A rotation preserves degrees of angles.

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4. When parallel lines are rotated, their images are also parallel.

Un trapezoid ABCD lines AB and CD are parallel, in trapezoid lines PM and ON are parallel. Angles ∠B and ∠M are equal as well as angles ∠C and ∠N. This means that the rotation image of BC is MN.

Answer: Correct choice is C.

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