In the diagram r || s. Find the measure of 1

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In the diagram r || s. Find the measure of 1




A. ?f=150%5E%7B%5Ccirc%7D

Step-by-step explanation:

We have been given image of two parallel lines r and s cut by a transversal t. We are asked to find the measure of angle 1.

We can see from our given diagram that the angle that measures 30 degrees is corresponding angle to the supplementary angle of 1. So angle that measures 30 degrees will be supplementary angle of angle 1.

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Since supplementary angles add up-to 180 degrees, so we can set an equation as:


?f=m%5Cangle%201%2B30%5E%7B%5Ccirc%7D 30%5E%7B%5Ccirc%7D%3D180%5E%7B%5Ccirc%7D 30%5E%7B%5Ccirc%7D


Therefore, the measure of angle 1 is 150 degrees and option A is the correct choice.

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