In what ways can names be empowering?

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In what ways can names be empowering?

In what ways can names be limiting?
What are some steps we can take in this class to make sure that our names are always empowering and never limiting?

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Names can be empowering when they give us a sense of identity and esteem.

Names can be limiting when they classify us among a group that people do not like associating with.

To ensure that our names are always empowering, we need to be of good conduct so that people can look beyond our names and be happy to associate with a personality like ours.

What is a name?

  • A name is a label given to a person for the purpose of identification. A name can tell at first glance a person’s origin or values.
  • Names can empower us especially if they give us a sense of identity and belonging. This makes us confident. But in areas where discrimination is prominent, a name might be limiting.
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In all, good behavior will prevent the limiting nature of a name.

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