List and describe the five main inspirations for artists.

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List and describe the five main inspirations for artists.


ANSWER: Photographs, Own Experience, Observation, Imagination and Quest for order.

EXPLANATION: An artist gets inspirations from many thing which mainly include these five points.

Photographs: Artists often get inspired from photographs which may contain theme of the artist’s choice. This acts as a inspiration to create a new art. Clicking photographs is also a form of art which is applauded by many.

Own Experience: Artists also create arts such as paintings which has been seen or experienced by them. They portray the exact same picture or mix their art form to create their own experience on canvas.

Observation: Observation can be another form of experience where an artist observe any situation, place or person minutely and create something of his own mixing their own thoughts and art.

Imagination: This is very popular and common inspiration for an artist to work. These arts are created and are very unique to what has been done before by him or by anyone else.

Quest for Order: This is a commercial form of inspiration where artists are paid particularly for a project. Photographic projects for products or events, Portrait painting of any person are examples of this inspiration.

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