Piaget was convinced that the mind of a child:

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Piaget was convinced that the mind of a child: A) is like a blank slate at birth
B) is not heavily influenced by maturation
C) assimilates reality differently than an adult’s does
D) is heavily dependent on the child’s personality



C) assimilates reality differently than an adult’s does


Piaget became convinced that children :

Move through stages he identified for development of mind, not only he astraying from history , since kids were largely seen as small adults.

Thus Piaget was able to see that children undergo stages, meaning they are not less intelligent than the adults rather that they are different in how they think in comparison to adult’s minds.

We can think of Piaget as putting the cognitive development theories, mainly the constructivist , were a progressive reorganization of knowledge takes place. According to his works, children will become more mature and adult like with time.

Child will construct knowledge based on previous experiences, and knowledge will develop to be often reshaped

Constructivism became an influential approach and is one of the modern bodies of theory in pedagogics.

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