Providing and recording documents are performed by:____________.

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Providing and recording documents are performed by:____________.

i. The closing agent
ii. The Certified signing agent
iii. The loan agent


Providing and recording documents are performed by : The closing agent

Who is a closing agent?

Closing agents are basically professionals who acts directly for the buyer by making interest of the buyer known to the seller. They are usually associated with real estate transactions.

A closing agent could be a lawyer speaking to a bank or lender. The actual closing is conducted by a closing agent who might be a worker or employee of the lender or the title company or organization.

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Other duties of a closing agent are :

  • Ordering title work and a property survey.
  • Issuing commitment title.
  • Assisting with obtaining requisite insurance
  • Issuing and sending the title insurance policy to both the buyer and lender
  • Assembling the loan closing package .

Therefore, closing agent responsible for providing and recording documents.

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