Question 1: Spain’s royals were responsible for guiding in _________.

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Question 1: Spain’s royals were responsible for guiding in _________.

Question 2: In Spanish, your godmother is called la _______.
Question 3: Princess Leonor is the of Queen Sofía _________.
Question 4: Uruguay’s average household has _________ people.
Question 5: If a Venezuelan calls you mi pana, you are that person’s _________.


Answer 1: Democracy

Answer 2: Madrina

Answer 3: Granddaughter

Answer 4: 3

Answer 5: Pal


Answer 1.

Spain’s royals were responsible for guiding in democracy. This period started on 20 November 1975 after the death of Francisco Franco, who was a dictator from 1939 to 1975, period that is called Francoist Spain or the Francoist dictatorship. After his death a new successor became ruler of Spain whose name is King Juan Carlos I de Borbón. One of the main goal of this transition was the reformation of the authoritarian system guiding efforts into a democratic system leaving military intervention without influence.

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Answer 2.

In Spanish, your godmother is called la madrina. It’s common that you also have a godfather (padrino) who is your godmother’s husband. This tradition is usually followed in the Catholic church, when you are baptized, then your fathers choose some of their friends in order to be your godmother and godfather. For example, in Venezuela, it’s common that you be blessed by those people whenever you meet them. So you can say:

– Bendición madrina (or padrino)

And he or she will give a reply:

– Dios te bendiga

Answer 3.

Leonor who is the Princess of Asturias, was born in Madrid, Spain, on 31 Octobre 2005. Her parents are Felipe and Letizia, the current King and Queen of Spain, respectively. Her grandparents are King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia, Felipe’s parents. Some of her titles are the following:

  • Her Royal Highness Leonor de Todos los Santos de Borbón y Ortiz
  • Infanta of Spain.
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Felipe, her father became the King of Spain after the abdication of his father on 19 June 2014 while Letizia is a former journalist that worked for ABC, EFE and CNN+.

Answer 4.

Uruguay’s average household has 3 people. But how can we calculate this value? Well, we take the household population and divide this value by the total households. So this calculation will lead us into the result 3 people per household. This number is really small and there are two main reasons why Uruguayan families are smaller than other Latin American families:

  • First, birth control
  • Second, the difficulty of middle-class in giving high education for children.
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Answer 5.

If a Venezuelan calls you mi pana, you are that person’s pal. This is an informal expression, so you should use it only with friends. Some of the complete expressions you can use are:

  • Épale mi pana (What’s up my pal)

Other forms used with the word pana are:

  • Pana mío (Basically it’s the same as mi pana)
  • Panita (It’s something like a diminutive)


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