Read the excerpt from The Code Book.

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Read the excerpt from The Code Book.

During the late 1980s, working from his home in Boulder, Colorado, Zimmermann gradually pieced together his scrambling software package. His main goal was to speed up RSA encryption. Ordinarily, if Alice wants to use RSA to encrypt a message to Bob, she looks up his public key and then applies RSA’s one-way function to the message. Conversely, Bob decrypts the ciphertext by using his private key to reverse RSA’s one-way function. Both processes require considerable mathematical manipulation, so encryption and decryption can, if the message is long, take several minutes on a personal computer. If Alice is sending a hundred messages a day, she cannot afford to spend several minutes encrypting each one.Which kinds of evidence are included in the excerpt? Select 3 options.a statistican examplea quotea hypothetical situationa factthe author’s personal story



An example

A hypothetical situation

A fact


  • Hypothetical situation: This is a situation that is depicted based on imagination.

The author gave a hypothetical situation of Alice encrypting a message to bob using Bob’s public key and Bob decrypting the message on his own end using his own private key.

  • Example

The author cited an example that Alice cannot afford to encrypt a hundred messages one by one due to the long time it takes. This is to back up the point earlier stated that encrption and decyption take time for long. messages.

  • Fact: This a point that is generally true

The point that encryption and decryption can take several minutes on a personal computer if the message is long is a fact

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