Storing lemonade in a pewter pitcher can result in

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Storing lemonade in a pewter pitcher can result in

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Storing Lemonade in a pewter pitcher can result in Chemical contamination.

The options were omitted an they  are

A. Physical contamination

B. Chemical contamination

C. Cross-contact

  • The type of Utensils and equipment used to cook or store food and beverages can cause a detrimental effect to the body.
  • A pewter pitcher is a kitchen utensil for storing mainly water, it is built or designed with tin or lead alloy made  of lead, tin, copper and sometimes silver.
  • When fruit juices like lemon, orange or tomato are  stored in pewters, They cause a chemical reaction to occur from  the acid contained in fruit juices with the metal on the pewter, making parts or particles of the metal to dissolve in the juice causing a chemical contamination that is harmful to the health when consumed.
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