Studying close relatives allows behavioral geneticists to determine ________.

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Studying close relatives allows behavioral geneticists to determine ________.


It helps in determining the contributions of genes and environment in a population.

Further Explanation:  

Behavioural genetics is the scientific research of using genetic methods to search the nature and individual differences in human behaviour. It was founded by Francis Galton in 19 century. It focuses on genetic influences. It is associated with the eugenics movement during the World War- II. It is researched on the inheritance of behaviour and also of mental illness in humans. Environmental influences also play a larger role. The two famous proponents of this theory are Plato and Aristotle. Galton published his work in Hereditary Genius. The study focused to initiate a debate on the role of relatives in gene and that of the environment on the behavioural characteristics. Galton introduced multivariate analysis. The main idea behind the eugenics to use selective breeding that combined the knowledge with the inheritance of human behaviour to improve the Homo sapiens. But the eugenics movement disturbed by the corruption and genocidal actions by the Nazis in Germany. The study of behaviour genetics started after publication of the book name “behaviour genetics” by John L fuller. This field has grown in a diverse manner touching other scientific disciplines. The other different approaches to study are twin and family studies, quasi-experimental designs.

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Grade: High School

Subject: Social Science

Chapter: Behavioral Genetics

Keywords: Genetic methods, individual differences, human behaviour, Francis Galton, 19 century, mental illness, Hereditary Genius, multivariate analysis, selective breeding, quasi-experimental designs.


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