The Democrats won all the elections from 1828-1860 EXCEPT in

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The Democrats won all the elections from 1828-1860 EXCEPT in A- 1840 and 1848
B- 1829 and 1855
C- 1836 and 1842



The correct answer is A. The Democrats won all the elections from 1828-1860 except in 1840 and 1848.


-The presidential election of 1840 was the 14th presidential election in US history. Democratic party candidate, President Martin Van Buren, set out for re-election in economic downturns. Whig party succeeded for the first time behind a candidate, William Henry Harrison. As Harrison’s co-candidate, the Whig Party nominated Democrat John Tyler, while the Democrats failed to agree on a Vice-Presidential candidate. Harrison and Tyler won the election with 52.9% of the vote.

-The presidential election of 1848 was the 16th US presidential election, held on November 7, 1848. Zachary Taylor, candidate of the Whig Party, obtained the presidency by defeating Lewis Cass, member of the Democratic Party. This elections were the first to be held in all States at the same time.

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