The English measurement system is primarily used by what country?

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The English measurement system is primarily used by what country?

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A. Italy
B. England
C. United States
D. Ireland


Well unfortunately “english” isn’t a measurement system, however there are two measurement systems – we call them “imperial” and “metric”. This question is most likely reffering to the imperial system, as that is the system used to some extent in England and in its entirety in the United States. All other countries in the world ise the metric system. The imperial system uses miles, feet, inches, degrees farhenheit, pounds and stone, while the metric system uses kilometres, metres, kilograms and degrees celcius. It has absolutely nothing to do with the language that the country speaks, as countries B, C and D all speak English, along with many other countries. The answer to your question would be C, as the United States is the only country that uses the imperial system to its full extent :))

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