This Civil War-era illustration is showing

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This Civil War-era illustration is showing

A) Grant’s victory at Shiloh.
B) Sherman’s “March to the Sea”.
C) Scott’s victory at Gettysburg.
D) the Union blockade of the South.​


This Civil War-era illustration is showing the Union blockade of the South.​

Answer: Option D


This picture showcase the strategy of military named “Anaconda plan” launched during early American Civil War by Union General “Winfield Scott”. He demonstrated this map to conquer the confederacy and categorized the plan into three main divisions.

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Firstly, to barricade all the eastern and southern ports which were spread around the federal states. Secondly, command on Mississippi river by splitting the south. Thirdly, dominate the Tennessee Valley and stride from Georgia to coast. But this plan or mapping was never accepted formally by the Union government.


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