To help your investigation, here is some more data about the farm.

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To help your investigation, here is some more data about the farm.

The chicken population was started with chicks from a different farm.
Chickens are raised in barns where bacteria can spread easily between chickens.
CJ, E. Coli, and Salmonella bacteria are all present in the barns.
Some of the E. Coli and Salmonella bacteria have alleles that make them resistant to the FQ antibiotic.
To stop disease from growing in the barn, the FQ antibiotic is fed to the chickens a lot.
Choose which way of evolution caused the FQ antibiotic resistance.
Gene Flow
Genetic Drift
Natural Selection
What is the best fit option here? Form a hyptothesis
This is my hypothesis, is it right ?
If the chicken population is consistently given the FQ antibiotic, then natural selection leads to antibiotic resistance, because some chickens could have some of the bacterias that develop mutations allele and they can resist against FQ antibiotics.Bacteria which are resistant will continue to increases and grows in number over time. In the end, the chicken population are mainly resistant bacterial, thus making this the likely mechanism of evolution.


We have that the,Natural selection caused the FQ antibiotic resistance.

Natural selection

Generally , Natural resolution causes a reaction that leads to antibiotic resistance, Mutation in micro organism make them resistant to antibiotics and when they reproduce similarly ,they will pass by this resistant trait to their offspring, which will outcomes into a completely resistant generation.

In the give up ,result is a populace of in most cases resistant bacteria.

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