Typically, books written in third person

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Typically, books written in third person

A. rely heavily on the use of pronouns such as “I,” “me,” and “my.”
B. have unlimited access to what all characters are feeling.
C. allow the reader to feel like an additional character.
D. take the reader inside the main character’s head.

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Third person point of view refers to the type of narration wherein the narrator relates all the actions through third person pronouns such as “she” or “he.”

Third person point of view is characterized in two types, omniscient and limited.

When the narrator is familiar with the feelings and thoughts of the character in the story is known as an omniscient third-person point of view. Whereas, in limited third person point of view the narrator only related to its own thoughts.

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Through the third person point of view, It helps the reader to grasp more of information about the characters. It provides a broad spectrum of a situation when there is a switch in narration from omniscient to limited. Omniscient is when the reader is able to perceive everyone’s thought whereas, the reader is limited when it knows what is going inside the mind and heart of the character.

Therefore, books written typically in third person have unlimited access to what all characters are feeling.

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