What central idea is developed by Mrs. Higgins’s

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What central idea is developed by Mrs. Higgins’s

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few lines in this scene?
By acting like children, Higgins and Pickering have
demonstrated that neither is worthy of Eliza.
By speaking at the same time, Higgins and Pickering
show they are no more sophisticated than Eliza.
By treating Eliza as an experiment, Higgins and
Pickering have demeaned her.
By getting rid of Eliza’s family, Higgins and Pickering
have left her an orphan.


Pickering is enthralled by the thought of assisting Eliza and wagers that if Higgins can pass Eliza off as a duchess at the Ambassador’s garden party, he, Pickering, will fund the costs of the experiment.

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Correct Option is B.

Act 4 sees the two’s disputes escalate, and both, particularly Eliza, express their rage. Higgins is offended by Eliza, who throws his slippers in his face and says she would be just one of the girls he and Pickering pick up to experiment on.

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