What does this line of dialogue reveal about Rainsford’s character?

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What does this line of dialogue reveal about Rainsford’s character?

He is worried that the sailors may be correct about the island.
He is a rational man who is unaffected by superstition.
He is familiar with the island and its mysterious inhabitants.
He is interested in getting more information from the sailors.
“Pure imagination,” said Rainsford. “One superstitious sailor can taint the whole ship’s company with his fear.”


The second alternative is correct (B).

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Using only the phrase put in the question: “Pure imagination! A superstitious sailor can contaminate the entire ship’s company with his fear.”

The only alternative that makes sense is the second, which explains that Rainsford is a person who does not believe in suprations and mystical events. So he criticizes anyone who raises these discussions as it could affect the psychological state of all other sailors.

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