What is the measure of y in degrees

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What is the measure of y in degrees



The measure of angle Y is ?f=116%5E%5Ccirc and this can be determined by using the properties of an isosceles triangle and also by using the interior angle theorem.

Given :

  • XY = 4 units
  • YZ = 4 units
  • Angle X = 32 degrees

According to the given data, the side length of XY and YZ are equal. So, it can be concluded that the given triangle is an isosceles triangle.

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In an isosceles triangle, two angles are equal. So, in the given triangle angle X and angle Z are equal, that is:


So, by using the sum of interior angle theorem it can be said that:


32 + 32 + ?f=%5Crm%20%5Cangle%20Y = 180

?f=%5Crm%20%5Cangle%20Y = 180 – 64

?f=%5Crm%20%5Cangle%20Y = ?f=116%5E%5Ccirc

So, from the above calculation, it can be said that angle Y is ?f=116%5E%5Ccirc.

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