What is the molar mass of (NH4)2S

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What is the molar mass of (NH4)2S



This compound is Ammonium Sulphide and has molar mass 68 g/mol.


  • Molar Mass : It is the mass of 1 mole of the substance and in grams.Its units are gram/mole.
  • It is numerically equal to mass of the substance in atomic mass units

How to calculate Molar mass :

?f=(NH %7B4%7D) %7B2%7DS%20%3D%202(atomic%5C%20mass%5C%20of%5C%20N%20%2B%204%5Ctimes%20mass%5C%20of%5C%20H%20)%20%2Batomic%5C%20mass%5C%20of%5C%20S

?f=(NH %7B4%7D) %7B2%7DS%20%3D%202(14%20%2B%204(1)%20)%20%2B%2032

?f=(NH %7B4%7D) %7B2%7DS%20%3D%202(14%20%2B%204%20)%20%2B%2032

?f=(NH %7B4%7D) %7B2%7DS%20%3D%202(18)%20%2B%2032

?f=(NH %7B4%7D) %7B2%7DS%20%3D%2036%20%2B%2032

?f=(NH %7B4%7D) %7B2%7DS%20%3D%2068 grams/mole

Molar mass of Ammonium sulphide is 68 g/mol

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