What is the “positive phase” of drinking?

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What is the “positive phase” of drinking?


The positive phase of drinking is the Euphoria stage.

Further Explanation

One of the oldest beverages in the history that is still present today is alcohol. It is purposely consumed for its anticipated pleasurable effects on the consumer’s mood. Although a few sips can make a consumer feel happy, more will make them feel the opposite. This is the biphasic effects of alcohol consumption.  

The pattern of the change in mood after consumption of alcohol is biphasic. In the first phase, there is an increase in alcohol content in the blood to exactly 0.055. This produces a stimulating effect manifested by feelings of euphoria and elation. This is called the “positive phase”. As the consumer surpasses the blood alcohol concentration of 0.055, he or she will reach the second phase which is the “negative phase”. The negative phase of drinking is manifested by feelings of depression. The consumer will now have a slow reaction time and loss of control.


Positive phase

• Blood alcohol concentration is 0.055

• Having euphoria feeling

• Sociable and excited

• Talkativeness

Negative phase

• Blood alcohol concentration is >0.055

• Having depressed feeling

• Slow reaction time

• Loss of control

• Sleepiness

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