What is the value of v?

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What is the value of v?4/5(v−7)=2
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v =



The value of v is 9.5.

Step-by-step explanation:

Given : Equation ?f=%5Cfrac%7B4%7D%7B5%7D(v 7)%3D2

To find : What is the value of v?

Solution :

Step 1 – Write the equation,

?f=%5Cfrac%7B4%7D%7B5%7D(v 7)%3D2

Step 2 – Multiply 5/4 both side,

?f=%5Cfrac%7B4%7D%7B5%7D(v 7)%5Ctimes%20%5Cfrac%7B5%7D%7B4%7D%3D2%5Ctimes%20%5Cfrac%7B5%7D%7B4%7D

?f=v 7%3D%5Cfrac%7B5%7D%7B2%7D

Step 3 – Add 7 both side,

?f=v 7%2B7%3D%5Cfrac%7B5%7D%7B2%7D%2B7




Therefore, The value of v is 9.5.

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