What transforms a piece of information into evidence?

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What transforms a piece of information into evidence?

A.) when it comes from a reputable source
B.) when it is supported by a citation
C.) when it is used to support or refute something
D.) when it uses transitional words and phrases


The correct answer is: C.) when it is used to support or refute something

Evidence refers to anecdotal, empirical, inferential, or statistical information that is used to support or refute a certain claim. For instance, if I claim that 60% of adults are overweight or obese, I will need evidence (information to support my claim) to prove it or convince people that my claim is valid. The evidence I can use is statistics from scientific studies, personal observation, etc., to back up or support my claim. Thus, when information is used to support or refute something, the information is considered a piece of evidence

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