Which is the best summary of this excerpt?

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Which is the best summary of this excerpt?The tea set has always been an important part of British life.
The tea set has become more valuable through the years.
MacGregor believes the antique tea set to be a symbol of British history. He includes a quotation from a historian to support his point.
MacGregor believes that the antique tea set belonged to the Royal Navy. He quotes a historian to prove his theory.


The best summary of this excerpt is:

Option A and B

  • The tea set is an important part of British life.
  • The tea set has become more valuable through the years.

MacGregor accepts the set is an image of British history and incorporates a citation from an antiquarian to help his point.He accepts that the antique tea set had a place with the Royal Navy and statements an antiquarian to demonstrate his hypothesis.

Neil recounts the tale of how tea turned into the characterizing public beverage in Britain and why we turned out to be so firmly connected with a brew produced using leaves primarily filled in China and India.

The tea set is generally huge on the grounds that it was made in England during the 1850s, when the utilization of tea in Europe quadrupled. This tea set, made of red stoneware, was made by the well known Staffordshire earthenware firm established by Josiah Wedgwood.

For privileged Victorians, evening tea was quick bite served between lunch, around early afternoon, and dinner, at 8 pm. At the point when you facilitated an evening tea, it would incorporate sweet deals with like treats, confections and cakes, just as sandwiches, leafy foods.

Oolong tea was made in cakes and it became eminence to the Victorian Era, the tea was generally spread all through the Victorian Era. Dark Tea-Black Tea came from China and was shipped off England and when it contacted them they made it a famous beverage.

Early Victorian Tea Set is really composed by Neil McGregor and in view of the assertions over, the line that shows the best outline of this would be the last choice.

This is the sentence that sum up the impact of the longing of the British for tea all over the planet. Trust this makes a difference.

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