Which of the following best describes an enclave?

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Which of the following best describes an enclave?

a. a separate part of a city dedicated largely to one group
b. an industrial neighborhood in a manufacturing zone
c. an area around a city that has not been influenced by immigrants
d. a region of a city that was established as off-limits to immigrants?


The answer is “a. a separate part of a city dedicated largely to one group”.

An enclave is a region inside a nation or a city where individuals live who have an alternate nationality or culture from the general population living in the encompassing nation or city.

Enclaves might be made for an assortment of authentic, political or land reasons. A few zones have been left as enclaves basically on the grounds that a waterway changed its course.

Since living in an enclave can be extremely badly arranged and numerous understandings must be found by the two nations over mail addresses, control supply or section rights, enclaves have a tendency to be disposed of and numerous cases that existed before have presently been evacuated. Now and again the case, enclaves are exchanged for each other.

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