Which of these political systems would have a “supreme leader”?

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Which of these political systems would have a “supreme leader”?

A. socialist
B. indirect democracy
C. federalist
D. dictatorship



Dictatorship is a type of political system which would have a “supreme leader”.


Dictatorship can be defined as the form of autocratic political system in which a single leader or group of leader rule people. In present time, dictatorship refers to the system of governance in which a person (usually the military officer) rules with the help of power by ignoring the existing rules.

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Dictatorship is the government of a person who has not gained political power by legal or drafted ways but as a result of the rule of succession. One who has absolute sovereignty that is not only the entire political power arises from the resolve of the same but unlimited in terms of scope and time and not responsible for any other authority and it is used in an uncontrolled manner.

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