Which statement about tuition is the most accurate?

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Which statement about tuition is the most accurate?

Four-year universities have the lowest tuition.
Community colleges tend to be more expensive.
Public colleges are cheaper for in-state residents.
Tuition is higher for public colleges than private ones.


Every state has its own “publicorganizations, which are controlled & funded by the government. Residents of the state pay taxes to fund those schools. As a result, state citizens can attend public institutions at a cheaper price than non-state citizens.

  • For the in students, public colleges nearly always have lower sticker pricing than private colleges, but net prices may differ.
  • When you go to a state university as an out-of-state student, you might find that the state university is as pricey as a private university.
  • In terms of price, public institutions are the most cost-effective for in-state citizens.

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