Which statement best describes the difference between atria and ventricles?

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Which statement best describes the difference between atria and ventricles?Atria push blood from the veins to the ventricles, and ventricles push blood from the atria to the arteries.
Atria push blood from the ventricles to the arteries, and ventricles push blood from the veins to the atria.
Atria are on the bottom of the heart, and ventricles are on the upper part of the heart.
Atria receive oxygenated blood, and ventricles receive deoxygenated blood.


The heart is a muscular organ, which pumps blood throughout the body. The heart is made up of four chambers, divided into atria and ventricles.

What is the difference between Atria and Ventricles?

  • Atria or auricles are the upper chambers of the heart and are smaller in the size than ventricles. Atria receive the blood from veins and push the blood to the large chamber ventricles.
  • Ventricles receive the blood and push it to the arteries. Ventricles are large chambers, which have thicker walls than the atria.

Thus, the ventricles and atria are the chambers of the heart, which circulate the blood to provide it to all the parts of the body.

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