Who is the artist of the image above?

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Who is the artist of the image above?

a.Christopher Wrenb.Georges de la Tourc.Nicolas Poussind.Antoine Le Nain



An individual who is involved in activities associated with music, art, craft-work, painting, sketching, dance and many more is called an artist. Artists can be many types like painters, dancers, musicians, illustrators etc.

The above painting is the masterpiece by:

Option C. Nicolas Poussin

This can be explained as:

  • Nicholas Poussin was a painter with French Extravagant fashion and painted mainly mythological and religious figures.
  • The painting of a landscape with Saint John an evangelist is depicted as the influential man retired and penning his book of divulgence and gospel on the isle of Patmos.

Therefore, this is the famous painting by Nicolas Poussin.

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