Zn+HCI = ZnCI2 + H2​

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Zn+HCI = ZnCI2 + H2​



#1. Type of reaction: Single displacement

#2. Balanced equation: Zn + 2HCI → ZnCI₂ + H₂


We are given;

  • The equation; Zn+HCI → ZnCI₂ + H₂

Assuming we are required to identify the type of reaction and balance it;​

  • The reaction is a single displacement reaction.
  • Zinc metal displaces hydrogen atom from hydrochloric acid to form a salt, zinc chloride and hydrogen gas.
  • To balance the equation, we put coefficients on the reactants and products for the number of atoms of each element to be equal on both sides of the equation.
  • In this case, the appropriate coefficients are 1, 2, 1 and 1
  • Therefore, the balanced equation will be;
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Zn + 2HCI → ZnCI₂ + H₂

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